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Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a treasure trove of quality waves during the winter and early spring months from November through April.  Waves on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica are usually wide open beach break / rivermouth setups or shallow corral reefs with heaving  barrels.

In the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, near the town of Tortuguero, there are plenty of empty waves, along endless sandy beaches.  Transportation is by boat only, along narrow channels and waterways that sit just behind the beaches all the way along the coast.  The area is known more for the ecotourism than for surfing, but there has to be more than a few good waves to be found on the right swell.

Puerto Limon is a home to the only international port in Costa Rica.  This is where the “Banana Republic” of Costa Rica, got its start, when Minor Keith, United Fruit Company, sent the first railcar full of bananas to the United States in 1908.  It is also home to some incredible waves.

Just offshore from Puerto Limon sits Isla Uvita, the location where Cristobol Colon (Christopher Colombus) purposely ran his ship aground in a storm.  There is an incredible barreling left wave that peels around the islands reef and is quite a sight to behold.

Further south, there are long stretches of beach breaks / rivermouths until you get to Cahuita, home to the largest coral reef in Costa Rica.  There are some good waves along the reef, but access is by boat or foot.

Puerto Viejo de Limon is centered around the wave at Salsa Brava, a heaving barrel over shallow coral reef that will challenge most skilled surfers.

The following are a list of surfing destinations on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica:


Puerto Limon


Puerto Viejo

If you need further assistance in planning your next surfing vacation to Costa Rica, please feel free to contact us anytime at info@surfingcostarica.com.

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