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Herradura, Costa Rica

Playa Herradura, Costa Rica, Central Pacific Coast (Puntarenas Province)

Playa Herradura, Costa Rica is a protected cove with a large tourism development and marina adjacent to the beach.  On the southern tip of the bay sits Isla Herradura, just off the coast.  A good rocky left point wave breaks along it’s shores that can hold very large swells.  You can paddle the long distance to the break, or take a boat out to the lineup.

Playa Herradura is one of the best ways to reach Playa Escondida, a peaky, hollow reef break that breaks left and right, but is only accessible by boat, or if you know someone that lives in the private development that fronts the break.

If you need further assistance in planning your next surfing vacation to Playa Herradura, Costa Rica, please feel free to contact us anytime at info@surfingcostarica.com.

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