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Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Playa Grande, Costa Rica, North Pacific Region (Nicoya/Guanacaste)

Playa Grande is a 3km stretch of beach north of the Tamarindo Estuary all the way to Cabo Velas.  There are good waves that show up all along the beach, though the best waves can be found just south of the parking lot for Parque Marino Las Baulas on the north end of Playa Grande Beach.

Playa Grande is an excellent beach break where outer reefs focus wave energy in peaks on the shallow sandbars on incoming tide.  As you move away from the main peak, the crowd dissipates, but so does the quality of the waves.

Turtle marker #25 has a fun peak out in front, that gets really good on northwest swells.

On the south end of Playa Grande, near Tamarindo, is a fun wave call “La Casita”.  It is short stretch of sand that is influence by a rock reef that sits outside the break and causes the waves to peak and start breaking.  This is often the most consistent spot in Tamarindo.

There a many small hotels, cabinas and vacation rentals to choose from in and around Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

If you need further assistance in planning your next surfing vacation to Playa Grande, Costa Rica, please feel free to contact us anytime at info@surfingcostarica.com.

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